and LTTs
Kick Off Meeting / Bolu-Turkey

The kick off meeting aimed to create a good working relationship among partners by allowing them to get to know each other better and review the project objectives and goals. All partners were present at the meeting which proceeded as planned in terms of timing and agenda. The meeting agenda included items such as presentations of partners about their work in general and their work regarding ICT and seniors in particular as well as activities to review the project for all partners. One initial activity was called "Understanding the project: let’s play it" where partners voiced their expectations, their understanding of the project and their fears about the barriers they could face. Then, project rationale and goals, activities and LTTs, partners’ responsibilities were discussed and project application was addressed. Partners with previous LTT experiences were consulted and issues about LTTs were discussed (what to expect, how to make best of it, how to select good practices). In addition, a good practice template was generated to be used in upcoming events. Financial rules were reviewed and matters regarding reporting and documents necessary for reporting were addressed. Dates for LTTs were organized according to partners' schedules. Expected evaluation and dissemination activities were addressed. Turkish partner Bolu HEM organized two good practices to examine during the social activities part of the project meeting to come together with seniors and discuss with partners how LTTs would be organized. A discussion was organized after these visits.